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COVID-19 Restrictions – Practice Temporarily Closed

Gullane Dental Practice is now operating under Government imposed restrictions relating to Covid-19.

These restrictions mean that, regrettably, we are currently not allowed to see patients face to face. Whilst this is completely understandable to try and limit the spread of the disease, it goes completely against our ethos of helping our patients. We hope you will understand that this is not our choice.

We very much appreciate the loyalty of our patients. Rest assured that as soon as we are allowed to see you again face to face we will do so.

At this time we have cancelled all appointments during the period of the Government lockdown. For those with appointments after this date we will contact you nearer the time once we have received further Government guidance.

We have been advised urgent dental treatment is limited to:

  • Facial swelling extending to eye, neck or floor of mouth
  • Bleeding following extraction that does not stop after 20 minutes of solid pressure with gauze.
  • Bleeding due to trauma
  • Toothache that prevents sleep or eating that is not manageable with painkillers

If you experience any of these, please call 01620 842978, where you will be redirected to our on-call dental emergency advice line, which is manned by our own dentists.

Problems other than those stated above are classed as “Non- urgent dental care” at this time, and sadly will require to be postponed until we are permitted to re-open.

These may include:

  • Broken or lost fillings
  • Loose or lost crowns, bridges or veneers
  • Chipped teeth with no pain
  • Loose orthodontic wires
  • Broken, rubbing or loose dentures

If you do find you have dental pain:

  • Take regular over the counter pain killers if required
  • Maintain good oral hygiene
  • Limit sugar consumption in your diet
  • Use a sensitive toothpaste – rub some on the affected tooth and leave it overnight
  • Lost fillings – temporary kits can be purchased at your local pharmacy or online as a temporary measure for your comfort

In the meantime, if you require advice on any of the above we will be more than happy to help in any way we can.

Stay safe and stay at home